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La Rue Verte’s ethos is self-nurture — we aim to bring peace, stillness and clarity to the mind, and a feeling of balance and wellness to the body. The power of imagination and guidance can take you anywhere in the world right now… so let us take you there.

With our ‘Virtual Retreat’, we engage your spirit, and then uplift your household to an elevated state, by bringing focus to the surrounding environment of your abode.

As we enter this new phase, our bodies seek to recalibrate the sense of new internal and external feelings. This is exactly how CBD works in our bodies.

The Endocannabinoid system, the innate balancing mechanism within all of us, produces ‘endocannabinoids’ — these are minute chemical reactions occurring throughout our brain and central nervous system. We produce these reactions in direct response to our certain environments. A stressful environment boosts the production of endocannabinoids, which then causes direct down-regulated responses throughout our body, relieving anxiety and restoring calm. The best way we can possibly top up “Cannabinoids” is from the cannabis sativa plant. This is why we welcome CBD into our lives.

La Rue Verte’s ‘Virtual Retreat’ is our additional support for recalibrating our body and mind, bringing ultimate calm and balance to your environment, giving a holistic solution to the world we find ourselves in currently.

Join us on this ‘Virtual Retreat’ as we channel your focus to gratitude, positive affirmations, meditations and yoga.
Our live Zoom sessions will give you direct access to the La Rue Verte yoga and meditation expert Steph, and our meditation portal will open the gates to finding yourself peace and serenity — any time you wish.

Serenity starts with the first live on Thursday’s chill session at 8.00pm for meditation and yoga for beginners, followed by Friday Feel Good compilation at 1.30pm and La Rue Verte Retreat content uploaded throughout the weekend for you to access at any time.




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