We craft luxury skin care products to create a feeling through the mind and body.

We understand that by using safe active ingredients from the Cannabis Sativa plant that we can support living in a completely balanced state, this happens through stimulating the body’s natural Endocannabinoid system.

La Rue Verte (The Green Street) is where the concept of the brand unfolds, it’s the concept of a destination that encapsulates the feeling and emotion of health and serenity.

Living by the La Rue Verte ethos will transform your world. Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

Vertu Verte

We believe that our industry and our customers deserve a high code of moral ethics. With our experience and core values, we have created a series of practices we like to refer to as ‘Vertu Verte.’

We perceive these to be a list of ‘Green Virtues’ which enable us to follow a framework of excellence and a duty of care for person and business. These include Sustainability, transparency, high levels of potent quality product and results driven protocols with high rates of efficacy. This underpins our innovative Cannabis and Hemp based education along with our trademarked protocols for CBD for Spa.

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La Rue Verte


Welcome to La Rue Verte, and welcome to the benefits of premium CBD skin care. The antithesis of unrest.
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